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Toshiba Machine Company Canada Ltd. Providing a complete solution

Toshiba Machine, an internationally respected manufacturer headquartered in Numazu, Japan incorporates seven buiness segments providing advanced machinery, hydraulic equipment and control systems to serveral industries.  As a diversified machine builder, Toshiba Machine's main production facility is in Numazu.

Toshiba machine, a recognized world leader in the machine tool industry, uses the most advanced tachnology available to meet the requirements of all fields of industry.  From our precision machine tools to our machining centers and large-sized machine tools, Toshiba Machine manufactures everything from start to finish, from castings to the CNC systems that make our machines "intelligent".


Toshiba BTD-110H.R16 High Speed High Accuracy Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine



  •     Table cross travel (X-axis) – 78.74" (2,000mm)
  •     Vertical Y axis Travel – 59.1” (1,500mm)
  •     Table longitudinal travel (Z axis) – 57"
  •     Spindle diameter – 4.33"
  •     Milling spindle face diameter – 8.86"
  •     Spindle travel – 19.7"
  •     Spindle taper – ISO #50 CAT50 V
  •     Spindle speeds, infinitely variable – 5-3,000 rpm
  •     Feed rate, all axes infinitely variable – 0.04 -236.2 IPM
  •     Rapid traverse, X,Y,& Z – 472.4 IPM
  •     Table size – 55.1"x63.0"
  •     Maximum table load – 14,000 lbs – STD
  •     Rapid table rotation – 2.0 rpm
  •     Table indexing angle with full Contour Milling Capability every 0.001 degrees
  •     Table height from floor – 51.2"
  •     Main motor AC 40/30 Hp
  •     Machine height (Y axis 59" travel) – 156.3"
  •     Floor space – 200.8"x236.2"
  •     Machine weight – 61,600 lbs.



BMC-110R2 CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine



 All major components are fully ribbed close grain Meehanite castings completely stressed relieved before machining. The vertical column walls are thick and cross ribbed, the front vertical way is massive and is offset 3 ½” from the back way to absorb any radial thrust generated during heavy machining operations and to guarantee accuracy, rigidity and longevity.

 Box Ways are induction hardened to 55-60 C X .100” deep and are precision ground. Headstock, column base, and cross slides are lined with turcite (A LOW FRICTION MATERIAL). Turcite provides excellent wear and slip stick characteristics due to its low coefficient of friction. It also provides good vibration damping. Turcite reacts with the machine structure thus giving a high static and dynamic stiffness to the machine.

 Lubrication to all axes is done automatically to ensure longevity of the ways.

 Large 2 inch Diameter, high precision ball screws are pre-loaded with the nut when installed. This ensures zero-backlash and smooth motion through the machining process.

 The spindle is made from chromium molybdenum steel alloy. The spindle and the sleeve surfaces are hardened in a nitrating process, then ground and lapped, thus, insuring high rigidity for a smooth surface and long life. Class 7 bearings are used in all our spindles.

 The table is clamped by six (6) hydraulic clamps at 315-320 KG/CM-2 clamping force. Hydraulic shot pins provide location every 90 degrees which is programmable. Angles between 0 and 360 degrees can be positioned manually. Optional B axis with Dual Worm Servo Drive has contouring capabilities.

 Precision glass scales are installed on X-Y-Z axes insuring accuracy and repeatability in your environment. These scales are independent of the drive system.